4In1 Silicone Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush With Dispener + Facial Cleansing Brush

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4 In 1- Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush Face Scrubbers Brush Facial Cleansing Brush

4in1 Scalp Upgraded to a double-sided brush head designed with a small hole design for shampoo or shower gel.

Scientific arrangement of 44 bristles can achieve more accurate head massage and relaxation.You can enjoy the fun of shampooing, massage, face cleaning and bathing for every day use. 

High Quality & Soft Silicone Brush with an integrated design shampoo massager brush is made of 100% high-quality elastic silicone, which is very soft and has no irritation effect on the skin. Effective deeply clean hair roots, remove dandruff, and stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. The soft silicone brush brittles penetrate into the pores of the face, clean dirt, effectively exfoliate keratin, and can also be used on external parts of the body.

No battery required. 

Lightweight and easy to store and clean with water. 

The ideal tool for the travel, at home or in the office use whilst you can still enjoy the fun of head massage and body massage.

Suitable for all hair types - thick, thin, straight, curly, etc, men, women, children and pets, as well as any type of scalp and hair (whether Suitable for Pets which can be used during bathing or hair removal.

1pcs 4in1 Scalp Massager Brush